Lockdown – Week 4

Week 4 in lockdown now underway. UK is on track to have the most deaths in Europe as now over 10,000 people here have died. We are well and staying safe in line with guidelines. Jimmy, the dog still needs to be walked, however, living in a village, there are not so many people around compared with cities. We can take him for walks and not see anyone.

It is so quiet with little traffic around. This means that we can hear the birdsong which cheers us up and gives us hope for the future. Still no sign of when the current lockdown rules will be relaxed. I can still see us having some form of lockdown for at least another two months.

We are both experimenting with cooking which is fun. The days seem to have gone quite quickly, perhaps the good weather has helped. At least we can spend time in the garden. We feel sorry for those who are stuck in flats with no garden to enjoy. It must be hard for them.

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