Nikon Z6 – First Impressions

Garden visitor – Nikon Z6 Nikon 24-200mm f4-f6.3 Z lens @ 200mm
1600ISO 1/320 f6.3
Parasol mushroom – Nikon Z6 Nikon 24-200mm f4-f6.3 lens @ 110mm
6400ISO 1/60 f8

I recently treated myself to a mirrorless SLR. Having used Nikons for as long as I can remember I went for a Z6, I couldn’t justify the cost of a Z7, and purchased the 24-200mm lens rather than the “kit” one usually offered with it.

So far I am extremely impressed with the quality of the images even when I have pushed the “film speed” ISO. In the past with my D800 I tended to shoot at as low an ISO as possible – 100ISO in order to achieve the quality I was used to when I shot slides in my pre digital days.

I thought I would experiment with a higher ISO and these are two of the results.

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