Coronavirus – Covid-19

This whole pandemic sounds as if it is from a science fiction novel. However, it is not, it is actually happening. More and more countries around the world are taking extreme measures to slow down the spread of this virus. Conspiracy theories will no doubt come to the fore. Was it a scientific experiment that went horribly wrong? It is now making its way around the world and is affecting our everyday lives.

In the UK it has not yet come to lock down but it seems to be going that way. Schools are closing, students are being sent home from further education establishments. Panic buying is commonplace. Toilet rolls, nappies and cleaning products have flown off the supermarket shelves. People are stockpiling leading to shortages. The powers that be do say that there is absolutely no need for this as there is plenty for everyone.

Life for us in north Oxfordshire goes on as normal. The dog still needs walking, the garden needs tidying. It has been said that everyone’s gardens will look good this summer. We still go out to the shops for food, however, between the fridge, freezer and larder we should be able to get by for a bit if there is total lockdown. Well, I hope so!

Stay safe and well.

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