Oxford in Lockdown

In late October I paid a visit to Oxford, my first since last year. Despite it being half term the city was not really that busy. Tourist numbers were much less than usual and I was able to photograph landmarks without waiting for people to move out of shot. Here is a selection of images from my outing.

Radcliffe Camera, Radcliffe Square, Oxford part of the university
Oriel College, one of the university colleges in the city of Oxford showing the front of the building with the statue of Cecil Rhodes above the main entrance
A view of the High Street, Oxford with the University Church of St Mary in the distance
Magdalen Tower, Magdalen College on High Street, Oxford
Punts on River Cherwell tied up for the winter by Magdalen Bridge, Oxford
Deadman’s Walk just outside the old city wall of Oxford was the route taken by funeral processions for Jewish members of the community towards the Jewish burial grounds which at that time were outside the city walls. The route overlooks the playing fields of Christ Church School.
Postmaster’s Hall, Merton Street, Oxford
View of the clock which stands in the quad of the Examination Schools, Oxford as viewed from Merton Street, Oxford
M Feller & Daughter, a butcher’s shop in the historic covered market in Oxford
Architectural details from the roof of the Oxford Martin School on the corner of Catte Street and Holywell Street, Oxford
A lamppost stands on the pavement on New College Lane, Oxford with the tower of New College Chapel in the background.

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